9 Reasons Why e.p.t.q
is Exquisite

Raw Materials

The safety is enhanced using only high-purity raw ingredients manufactured strictly by the e.p.t.q exclusive line.


Elastic 'Hive structure' maintains an ideal Viscoelasticity lifts the skin tissue.


e.p.t.q keeps endotoxin below 0.1 EU/ml minimising various side effects that may occur after the procedure.

Extrusion Force

e.p.t.q manufactures and manages the optimised injection pressure for exquisite procedures to enhance the satisfaction of procedure.

Particle Homogenization

e.p.t.q produces a uniform particle size through its own Downing Process. Exquisite molding is completed with homogenization particle implementation technology.

HA Concentration

e.p.t.q uses a syringe filled with HA 24mg, cross-linked mesomolecule to pursue the ideal maintenance period and the safety of the body.

Residual BBDE

e.p.t.q applies for a more precise cleaning process to eliminate residual BDDE.

Aspetic Enviroment

The yongin plant which was newly expanded in 2015, produces clean, pure, sterile products that have been thoroughly sterilized.

PH Osmolality

e.p.t.q is manufactured to be based on the same pH as my body and with osmotic pressure of about 300mOsmol/kg. Which reduces the pain and discomfort of the patient after the procedure.